The SickKids philanthropy program exists because SickKids Foundation and our donors are committed to more than our own cause. Our goal is to broaden the culture of giving in our communities by providing youth with the knowledge needed to become the next generation of philanthropists.

To do this, we have created two hands-on and educational learning experiences for youth between the ages of 8 – 18. Your socially conscious youth will learn from the best, including industry leaders and inspiring SickKids staff – the team that’s built the #1 charity brand in Canada.

Youth will also feel the impact of philanthropy when they vote on an underfunded area of the hospital to which to donate. To see how last year's vote has helped SickKids, click here.

You could call it ‘Philanthropy School’, but the youth won't. They will be learning and having fun. Giving 101 and 201 gives kids the power to help kids, and the knowledge to become giving adults.

Giving 101

Designed for youth who are new to fundraising. Youth will learn to think critically about how, why, and where to give. This inspiring experience will allow them to make an impact on SickKids by donating their program fee to an underfunded area of the hospital.

To view the curriculum for Giving 101 and to register, click here.

Giving 201

Designed for youth who are experienced fundraisers. Youth will use their expertise to plan and execute a fundraiser in support of SickKids GetLoud. At the end of this interactive program, youth will form a Giving 201 team at the GetLoud 2021 event where they will celebrate their fundraising achievements.

To view the curriculum for Giving 201 and to register, click here.