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Chris and Farah met in 2010 and married in 2013. Coming from two very different backgrounds, they really could not have been more opposite, but what became clear was that they brought out the most exciting parts of one another. In 2015, they welcomed their baby boy Grayson. At that point, they knew their family was complete. 

In 2018, in celebration of their five-year wedding anniversary, the Boddys planned a holiday to Mexico. Reluctant to leave Grayson behind, he joined them. The trip was perfect in every way but what occurred on their return was something that they could have never imagined.

When they returned home from their trip to Mexico, Grayson, who was just 2.5 years old, started to experience severe vomiting and diarrhea because he had contracted E-coli. Grayson was hospitalized for approximately one month while his kidneys regained function. He received treatment in the form of dialysis and blood transfusions. Although Grayson was on the mend and his recovery was headed in the right direction, Grayson’s life as he knew it had changed.

The Boddys will never know the exact cause of the E-coli that Grayson contracted. Some think that he got it in Mexico while others think he may have been exposed to in Toronto from recalled food that had not been packaged properly. Given their experience, the Boddys have pledged to share their story and have agreed to have Grayson participate in a research study related at Sick Kids. But they would like to do more.

GRAYSON'S GRATITUDE has been established as a tribute to the sentiment they have. They are so grateful for Grayson’s recovery, the care he received at Sick Kids and the valuable lesson they learned about appreciating each day to its fullest.