Event Matrix Blue


Event Matrix is entering two teams into the HIP Motorsports 'iRacing for the Kids' event on January 12, 2022. Teams of two drivers will be joined by a pro driver for a 140 minute virtual GT3 race at Candian Tire Motorsports Park. 

Richard's family have spent over 150 days in the care of Sick Kids Toronto with their two boys. It is safe to say that SickKids saved both their lives at some point, and they are now healthy, adventurous boys thanks to their knowledge and research.

Event Matrix donates monthly and when an opportunity, especially a fun one like this virtual race, we take advantage of it to donate more. By choosing to support, you'll be helping SickKids take advantage of huge advances in regenerative medicine, robotics, genetics - to name a few - and tackle the toughest diseases. 

Event Matix Blue - Richard Price and Diego Zucarelli + Pro Driver David Sampson

Event Matrix Orange - Jeff McKague and Peter Neely + Pro Driver Sam Fellows

Event Matrix Blue will be streaming the race live at 7PM EST on January 12.

Thank you!

Event Matrix Blue