About Tiya's Purpose

Tiya is a 13 year old Whitby Wolves hockey player, a loving daughter, an exceptional student, a dear sister, niece and friend. In 2019 she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy. Her cancer is currently in remission.

Tiya has taken a challenging situation and moved it to a bright place dedicating herself to others through  “Tiya’s Purpose”, a campaign to raise money for the SickKids Foundation. Her charitable goal was $10,000, and within three days she reached $18,000. She then increased her goal to $20,000, and quickly surpassed that milestone. Motivated by her "purpose", she believes her campaign can give other cancer patients a chance to win the battles they face and let them know they are not on the journey alone.  #tiyaspurpose 

2021 brought a new year and new hope for Tiya. During her January appointment, her oncologist advised after six rounds of aggressive chemotherapy she is cancer free. On January 7th, Tiya, surrounded by her oncology team and family, rang the bell. "This is the most exciting day of my life," Tiya recalls, "now I can start my return to hockey."

I know this cancer journey will continue for many years but I am so excited I can return to my passion....playing hockey. Tiya’s Purpose fundraising helped me stay focused through my treatments. I was supported by a community of love and encouragement and received the best medical care at the best kids hospital in the world. What gave me strength to conquer cancer was taking a terrible situation and making the best of it

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