About ColorBreak

Colorbreak envisions to become one of the global leading youth groups that raise our hands and ask tough questions, seek to suggest, and devise actionable plans to help our community issues around the world. In 2021, while the negatives spread hatred like a pandemic, Colorbreak calls upon all the young “Generation Z” who are trapped at home in virtual learning with dreams for their future and aspirations to become great people to come join the fight! Colorbreak seeks to unite globally young friends who are great at what they do in Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropic Managers, and Fundraisers to come together and form our army to show the world that “Generations Z” is here to help. 

The message is simple, even though we are just young people, we are able to work together to do something meaningful in life and at the same time help others along the way. Let us Colorbreak the invisible barriers!


Starts at:  July 15, 2021 7:00 PM
Ends at:  October 28, 2021 7:00 PM





Valentine's Day Fundraiser

ColorBreak truly believes in supporting and giving back to our community, especially for the younger generations, the future leaders. In response to the increased need generated by the pandemic, Ryan is investing in the young generation's with his first collection in collaboration with one of the local business partners, NeoKitchen, selling limited edition tote bags filled with mystery items for Valentine's day.

By carrying this bag the community represents the narrative we wish to communicate. The plane represents us, and travels from different planets to rebuild and reclaim power in order to develop positive relationships with ourselves, others and nature. The first planet demonstrates the significance of cherishing and loving oneself in order to have the ability to offer love. The second planet underlines the need to reconnect with friends and family. The third planet emphasizes the need for respecting the nature surrounding us, as it is vital that we care for our own planet.

Please go to https://neostyle.ca for order information as well as more on Colorbreak at www.colorbreak.ca or www.colorbreak.org. All funds raised will be supporting the Sick Kids Foundation as we appreciate how they have helped an abundance of children throughout Covid.

Your contribution and support of our cause is greatly appreciated! Help spread the love this Valentine's Day!

How Your Support Makes a Difference