Izzy's Journey

On December 2, 2019 our lives forever changed. Isabella had an elective "simple" surgery scheduled to remove a cyst outside of her liver. We were nervous as parents but hopeful for a quick recovery from the laparoscopic procedure. Unfortunately, there were substantial life changing complications, sepsis and an emergency surgery resulting in recurrent infections. Our warrior princess began navigating her challenging health journey that ultimately resulted in being listed for a liver transplant the day after her fifth birthday. Never discouraged, always smiling and laughing our dear Isabella taught us what strength was and in the darkest moments would come up with the brightest and wisest sayings to keep us steadfast. We reached a new low point when we learned that neither parent nor any of our siblings were a suitable match. We set out on an unexpected journey to publicly share our baby girl's story and find her a donor. In one of a number of miracles we found a match who offered to save our little lady's life with the ultimate sacrifice. However it still took 46 long and precarious days until the surgery could be completed. So many families wait even longer and that in itself felt like an eternity. The surgery day, "New Livermas" was nothing short of a miracle. Every single day with Isabella is a blessing and she amazes us with her strength and positivity. We know the path ahead is not straightforward but feel so deeply fortunate we get to forge it together.

Be a Light

Check out Team Izzy on CTV!

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Izzy received the gift of life on October 21st, 2021. An incredibly generous friend donated part of her liver to save Izzy. We are fundraising to support the Transplant Program at SickKids Hospital. While we embraced our extended stay we met many other incredible families. Unfortunately, one in particular stands out as they lost their baby boy while waiting for a liver transplant. We hope to support the transplant program to help little boys like him and to support little girls like Izzy who now enter a lifelong journey with medications, immunosuppression and a bevy of potential complications.