SickKids VS Summer2020

This summer, Stand for SickKids

Think Lemonade stands, and beyond. Junior entrepreneurs (AKA kids) and their families can create any kind of stand – in person by the sidewalk, or online – to sell their summer wares. It’s a great way to engage the neighbourhood, have fun, and support SickKids.

What kind of stand? Here are a few of our ideas for what you can offer. We’ll bet you can think of more:

  • lemonade (the ultra no-contact, but still in-person version: single serve lemonade mix in paper bags, in exchange for a donation)
  • baked goods stand
  • a sanitized Freezie or popsicle stand
  • bagged popcorn or candy
  • friendship bracelets
  • crafts
  • greeting cards
  • kids perform trick/magic act/song (from a distance)
  • a hot day hose-down stand – where kids can spray passersby from a socially-safe distance with a hose or sprinkler for a donation

In person, at a safe distance, or on-line with remote pickup, a stand is an easy way to support SickKids while the sun shines. Join us.

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